What We Do

We are a local, independent wine & spirits education company which specializes in hosting wine, whisky & spirit tastings, personal Sommelier services, private tasting parties and corporate tasting events

Our tastings are open to everyone and anyone; no previous tasting experience is necessary.

  • taste and learn in a relaxed setting
  • improve your confidence in buying wine
  • make new discoveries

Personal Sommelier Services

Impress your friends by hiring a Sommelier to hold a private wine, whisky or spirits tasting in the comfort of your home. It’s an original way to celebrate a party or a special occasion!
Your private tasting party is all about maximum enjoyment in the casual environment of your home or a venue of your choice. You can select one of our pre-set formats or opt for a fully client-customized event. Either way The Wine Academy will work with you to fine tune all details with the sole goal of providing a truly special tasting experience that will make your party unforgettable!

Here is what you will receive with your personal Sommelier services for your next party or event:

  • A fun two to three-hour guided tasting tour during which you will experience wines, whiskies or spirits that will carefully be selected based on your tastes and budget. You will learn the art of tasting and food pairings in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.
  • The selection, purchase, delivery and service of the wines, whisky or spirits by the Sommeliers.
  • A discussion with the sommelier concerning food to accompany the wines, whisky or spirits.
  • Use of tasting glasses for all participants.
The fee for these services vary according to the number of participants and the format of the tasting. Most tastings cost participants less than $40 per person, including the cost of wine, whisky or spirits*.
*The cost of wine, whisky or spirits is established based on your budget and is to be reimbursed to the Sommelier upon presentation of the bill of sales. Most tastings include 5 to 6 wines, whisky or spirits.

Corporate Wine Tasting Events

Want to entertain your business partners with style, have a team building event with your associates, or maybe looking for a different twist on a fundraiser night? The Wine Academy is here to help. Add Sommelier tasting stations to your reception!

Certified sommeliers offer 6-10 different wines at tasting stations positioned throughout your event, entertaining small groups with overviews and comparisons of the wines at hand, as well as pairing suggestions.

Expert-staffed wine stations are a big hit at parties of 25+ people. Enhance a tasting station with a representative sampling of cheese, chocolate, beer or whiskey, — the options are limitless.

Tasting receptions allow guests to selectively sample at their own pace while greeting clients and peers.

We provide personal Sommelier services with the wine essentials and pairing suggestions in all our events. Use the knowledge of our certified Sommeliers, cheese and cigar experts during the subsequent dinner.


You can select one of our corporate party formats or opt for a fully customized experience for your next Christmas party, summer BBQ or company celebration. Whatever the occasion The Wine Academy will work with you to fine tune all details with the sole goal of providing a truly special wine experience that will make your event unforgettable!

Team Building Activities with Wine

Our team-building experiences can combine your social and professional development goals for the group.

Wine Blending Workshop
After a tasting introduction to several classical wines, small groups break out to experiment with their own blending, and eventually present their wine and team philosophy. A professional wine judge awards prices for best blend and story.
Blind-Tasting Competition
Sommeliers introduce a set of wines to all participants. Helpful hints are given for identifying some of the wines, and the groups have to come to agree on the proper order of the wines in front them. Prizes are awarded for results and approach.